Adding SDHC support for Windows — with your old SD card reader

sdhc-logo Get SDHC work in your old card reader.

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity, SD 2.0), allows capacities in excess of 2 GB and is designed to meet the fast-growing demand of the high-volume storage market. It uses the same form factor as SD, but the SD 2.0 standard in SDHC uses a different memory addressing method (sector addressing vs. byte addressing)  and were supposed to only work in SDHC compatible devices while standard SD cards work in both SD and SDHC devices. So in order to get SDHC work with your computer, you either have to get a SDHC supported card reader or use the card in the SDHC compatible device and connect the device to your computer to read/write from it.

In fact, this is not exactly the case, I’ve seen more and more handheld devices adding SDHC support when upgrading to Windows Moblie 6 or applying "SDHC patch"(as in  Palms). So this makes me wondering, does SDHC support is really a hardware thing, or software only?

And after some digging, I found this:

which adds support for SD High Capacity memory cards in Windows XP.  A newer version of the patch can be found here:

it adds support for cards>4GB as well.  so KB934428 is all we need.

Again, Microsoft is reluctant to give out the hotfix, here is the trick to get it. The patch works instantly on my old Lexar SD Reader(bought 2005) and a 4GB SDHC card. YMMV though, but its definitely worth a try.

Or you may grab it from us

For Vista users, the patch is KB936825, for x86 or x64 system.

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61 Responses to “Adding SDHC support for Windows — with your old SD card reader”

  1. UnicornKaz says:

    They showed the article as “Revision 1.2″ now.

    with the listed files dated of ” Nov/22/07″

    Sdbus.sys 6.0.4069.3259 78,720 22-Nov-2007 11:43 x86 SP2
    Sffdisk.sys 6.0.4069.3259 12,032 22-Nov-2007 11:23 x86 SP2
    Sffp_mmc.sys 6.0.4069.3259 10,240 22-Nov-2007 11:23 x86 SP2
    Sffp_sd.sys 6.0.4069.3259 11,008 22-Nov-2007 11:23 x86 SP2

    and your report is dated September …

    any difference ??? could you updated ypur download link to includes newer revision files ??


  2. Chris says:

    Thank you so much for this link. Thanks to you, we got 2 of our 3 laptops reading SDHC cards. The only one left is a HP NX9600 with TI PCIxx21 controller. Nothing sems to work. Any ideas? The PC is a P4 3.6GHZ with HT. 1 Gig ram.

    Thanks so much!

  3. [...] takes forever to respond, you actually have to wait for a live person to respond, so I found the SDHC card hotfix online and that was that! Now my computer recognizes my 4GB SD card no problem. [...]

  4. Mike says:

    Really useful, works fine on my Inspiron 6000 XPSP2, now I can read my SDHC cards without an adaptor!!
    Thanks very much.

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  6. alba says:

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know why MS doesn’t make it available to everyone.

  7. Majed says:

    Thank you so much :) it works fine with my HP DV6000.

    really cool :)

  8. kumar says:

    It’s at Version 3 now on the MS site. I’m not sure how different this is to the v2 directly-downloadable from this site, but I’ll try v3.

  9. hh says:

    I have downloaded the file and have attempted to run it, but I keep getting that the patch “is not a valid Win32 application.” What am I missing here?

  10. hh says:

    Thank you so much for posting (512kb) on your website. The Microsoft site has WindowsXP-KB934428-v3-x86-ENU.exe (96kb) on their website, and the file did not install. Yours installed, and now my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000) reads the card perfectly.

  11. Bob Marshall says:

    I have XP SP3 and it won’t allow me to install this hotfix saying that my system is newer than the fix. Still can’t read 4GD cards!! Can anyone help?

  12. Issac Thomas says:

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  14. Phillip says:

    I got my Inspiron E1505 to read the card but I get no soung off of video recordings. Anyone have any ideas?

  15. Kevin Duffy says:

    I have the same as Bob Marshall…the fix reports that the SP3 release on my machine is newer than the fix and the fix refuses to apply itself. Still can’t see a 4GB SDHC card.

  16. Joel says:

    I’ve got the same thing going as Kevin and Bob – running the hotfix replies that my latest service pack is newer than the fix and therefore will not run it – but my system still will not recognize my 8gb SDHC card. Thanks for any help anyone can give. Joel

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dang it! The Vista x64 patch installer wont run on Server 2008 x64. Anyone running Server 08 manage to get this thing installed?

  18. Momoski says:

    Sane problem as Joel. Because of SP3, the patch can’t be installed. Anyone with a solution for the patch in SP3?

    When I take a look at the files mentioned in the patch I see:
    sdbus.sys version:6.0.4069.5512

    So this is newer than the patch.

  19. Aj says:

    Hey I installed the 2nd version it said its done when i put in my microSDHC 4gb card. Nothing happens when i try to open it it says i/o error or somthing then i tried the version 3 did the same what should i do i need help on this

  20. Andie Bonn says:

    Momosky is having my same problem. What to do if you already have sp3 installed?

  21. LinKsuXx says:

    hey!!! good lookin out for the public!!! works great on my dell inspiron 6000 xpsp2! also works on inspiron 1520..same OS.
    and you even had a link outside of MS so that theres no validation…! hahahahaaaaaa

    seriously though…thanks alot.

    used 8gig micro sdhc. put that in the sd to micro sd adaptor with the new hotfix and bingo~


    p.s. i never really post on forums but I had to show my gratitude. keep up the good work

  22. CrowdedCranium says:

    Thanks for the info. My Father bought a Sandisk Micro 4gb HC card for his HTC 8525 and it did not see it. Neither my generic clone (winXPpro) or his Compaq (WinXPhome) would see the 4gb HC micro card.

    I will try out the hot fix and see if I can get it up to snuff. I had read on xda-developers a number of WM6.1 kitchen roms for the now outdated 8125 and similar 8525 successfull useage of 4-8Gb SDHC storage media.

    I suppose they (manufacturers) make the SDHC information scarce to increase the aftermarket hardware sales. Unethical? A point for debate. Damned rude? Without a doubt!

    Thanks for putting up a candle in the window.

  23. ou says:

    Won’t install if sp3 is installed already – what to do now?

  24. Fiona Whelan says:

    Worked perfectly on inspiron 6000. No luck with the Lenovo T61 though. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad. Great post!

  25. John Carr says:

    Still no solution for SP3 users? Cannot install patch on SP3.

  26. Serg says:

    On Inspiron 6000 with SP3 KB923293 works fine!

  27. Serg says:

    Correction: with SP2! ;)

  28. Jon says:

    For the SP3 people, the KB934428 hotfix was released prior to (and is included in) your service pack.

    If you still aren’t seeing SDHC, I’m afraid you may be limited by your card reader’s hardware afterall. You may luck out & find a firmware upgrade, but few manufacturers seemed to have released them. ($$?)

  29. David says:

    hey i’m trying to download the one for windows vista but i keep getting a message saying this update doesn’t apply to your system.
    i am running vista ultimate. i have a card reader from like 2005 or so and it’s not working with my 4gb sdhc card. i don’t have the service pack installed and i am running the X86 version of vista but it just won’t work.
    can somone help?


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  31. snooker says:

    I have sp3 with the same problem .I couldn’t find a fix or a driver any where to solve this problem.But I found a trick to make it work . Install the driver for vista that your laptop manufacturer provides. make sure you install the driver that supports 4gb and more ,as for example HP have 2 drivers for vista . before the installation make sure you completely uninstall the xp driver in add/remove software and in device manager.SDHC cards with 4 gb and more will work fine. The only problem your old cards 2 gb and less won’t work .but ofcourse you can always go back to your old driver…so as you see it’s definately a driver issue . and microsoft are aware of that but they want to push people to but newer products…hope this helps,,

  32. John L says:

    I have 2 toshiba laptops a tercra A7 and Tecra A9 both have the exact same flash media device. Same hardware id’s and EVERYTHING matches in device manager. My A7 will not read my 8gb or 16gb cards but my A9 will just fine so there must be a firmware difference anyone know if there is a way to update the firmware on it?

  33. Jason says:

    I used this fix when I had SP2 and when SP3 was installed it still worked. However, I recently upgraded the laptop’s HDD and reloaded WinXP and now I can’t get the internal card reader to recognize anything bigger than a 2gig card.

    I’m really surprised the people over at HP (I have an HP ZV6000) haven’t put out an update for this since it seems to be a common problem over there on their support forums.

  34. HadItWithMS says:

    Dump Microsoft’s lousy operating system and use Linux. It’s free and it works better.

  35. MO says:





  36. My dell inspiron would only read up to 2gb cards and I haven’t installed and special fix,but it now reads sdhc so I am assuming sp3 came with a patch for it to work.

  37. My dell inspiron e1505 would only read up to 2gb cards and I haven’t installed and special fix,but it now reads sdhc so I am assuming sp3 came with a patch for it to work.

  38. That Guy says:

    What we really need is a tool or method to determine if a card reader supports high-capacity SD. Does anyone know if something like PC Wizard or SiSoft Sandra tells you is your reader is up to snuff?


  39. Magnum says:

    Does any one know of any such hotfix for Windows 7? Or the updated drivers for the SCM Microsystem’s SCR3xxx internal card readers?

  40. HJ says:

    Thank you – works great and saved me from buying a bunch of new readers!

  41. Anon says:

    Thanks u my friend for the link.. God bless u.
    I love u full…

  42. Japinder says:

    Verbatim SD HC 4GB Class 4 card wasn’t working on HP Compaq nc6320 running Windows XP SP3.
    Microsoft patches didn’t install because of XP SP3.
    Updated firmware to the latest one from HP (HPQFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (68YDU) – Microsoft Windows/Vista-Based, version F.0E 20 Feb 2008 from the one dated 2006)
    Works like a charm now.
    Thanks to Jon for the tip. :-)

  43. hits13 says:

    Nobody knows as to find it for Windows7
    It is very necessary

  44. Jonathan says:

    Tried to install KB936825 but would not install. Any suggestions?

  45. Kisha says:

    Thank you soooo much for the link, works now :) Kept having to connect camera to pc to get the pics, problem was, camera screen was always dark so I was afraid some time I would forget the camera was on while connected to pc and I would just snatch it off the cord which would probably cause a short, not exactly sure if it would but I was not about to try it to find out :S AGAIN 1 MILLION THANKS

  46. gursimat says:

    is there a link for windows 7 plz help

  47. Fred says:

    My windows 7 is not reading SDHC

    Where is the update for this?

  48. Kenosky says:

    Is there an update to read/write to 4GB and 8GB SDHC card for my DELL PC running Microsoft VISTA? If not, why not? The SDHC cards have been in use for several years now.

  49. PAUL RUTTER says:

    Wow, I didn’t think that this was going to work but it did.
    This is brilliant. Thank you very much for posting this information, I previously tried everything and this solved the issue.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does not work with SP3 and nothing over 8gb. Had to buy a SDHC card reader for my 32gb and 64gb cards. Running XP pro.

  51. mcnab says:

    When I use Ubuntu, my sd card reader has no problems with 8GB sd. Running XP-SP3 however …..
    Thus it’s definitively not a hardware matter!
    Any ideas?

  52. christine says:

    so i’m confused, you click on the link, get the thing to ‘unzip’ on your comp, restart it, and it should work? because i tried that and its not working still.

  53. multi-user says:

    A very nice bit of information to keep around, remember folks this is for SP2 & not SP3, MS has a fix for that I think, but you have to search for it

  54. Deb says:

    what do I do; where do I go to find help so that my windows xp3 will read a SDHC card?? please help, I have looked all over and keep coming to dead ends. thanks, Deb

  55. Mummy says:

    HELP i need a fix for Windows 7 x64bit

  56. vista58 says:

    Vista update does not work. after attempt at install windows indicates this is not a fix for your system quote unquote. I have vista home basic sp2.

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  58. Anonymous says:

    What;s the problem in buying one-dollar card reader?

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