Multi Google Security Holes Revealed

security-lock Multiple Google-targeted exploits disclosed in the past 3 days could compromise your GMail account, steal your pictures from Picasa or impersonate you on almost 200,000 big sites.

In the past 3 days, 4 interesting disclosures have been published:

1. Google Search Appliance XSS, affecting almost 200,000 paying customers of the outsourced search engine and their users: this Google dork shown 196,000 results at the time of disclosure, now dropped to 188,000. Fear effect?

2. Picasa exploit with detail, leveraging a clever combo of XSS, Cross Application Request Forgery, Flash same domain policy elusion and URI handler weakness exploitation to steal your private pictures, straight from your local hard disk, just visiting a malicious web page.

3. A Google Polls XSS which, thanks to the (too) smart “widget reuse” allowing Google services to integrate the same functionality across multiple services, can be used to attack Search, Blogspot, Groups and, the most dramatic exploitation scenario, GMail:

For such an attack to be successful, the victim just needs to visit a malicious website while logged in Google, e.g. by following a link from an incoming message (unless she’s got anti-XSS protection).

4. , The Urchin Login XSS, another Google-outsourced vulnerability, could compromise local Google Analytics installations. Its severity may vary depending on how Urchin is installed (e.g. on a domain different than your main site), but the provided proof of concept is quite interesting because it shows an actual credential theft in action, rather than the usual, boring alert('XSS').

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