Howto: The Complete Mac Leopard Installation and Windows Multi-Boot Setup Guide

tips Install OSX Leopard on your x86 PC, dual or triple boot OSX with Windows XP/Vista.

Credit goes to BraizlMac@osx86scene forum who made the original patch to make all these possible. This guide is a summing up with some  corrections.

If you’ve get your Leopard running, try to add EFI capability and enjoy the vanilla kernel.

This currently works on INTEL system with SSE3 support ONLY. An AMD/SSE2 patch should come  shortly. Use CPU-Z to check the system capability if you are not sure.

Warning: the patch is rather experimental atm, and even your processor supports SSE3, the installation might still fails due to various compatible issues. Also, the patched DVD seems to be problematic, missing the booting setup part, and most likely would render a system unbootable. Most guides online are based on the instruction comes with the patch file, they didn’t actually install it! I did manage to install the Leopard on my own PC and this guide is based on my very own, first-hand experience. I’ll try to make it as accurate and correct as possible.

Update: AMD/Intel SSE2 users try this. Need to patch the original Leopard DMG though, no pre-patched disk available atm.

What you’ll need:

  • Optional: Original unpatched Leopard installation disk image, and patch file to enable x86 PC support and strip the image to 4.3G so it can fit on a single layer DVD. This requires access to an working OSX Tiger system, so might not feasible for everyone.
  • Optional but highly recommended: Patched 10.4.10 Tiger installation disk(torrent download). Other Tiger disk will also work.
  • the patched DVD image(torrent download), post install patch file.
  • a DVD burner and empty DVD media
  • a USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT or FAT32, flash memory+usb card reader will also work
  • Computer with Windows installed, HDD with at least 10G free space.

Prepare before installation

1. Optional: If you have the original disk image and an OSX Tiger installation, then use the patch file to shrink it on a Single Layer DVD. Read the instruction before applying. This will require around 15GB free space on your OSX partition.

2. Burn the patched DVD image.

There are many programs can do it but I recommend ImgBurn, it’s small and free, and most important, as the name suggests, its perfect for burning .ISO files. Just select the image file name and burn.


3. Optional: burn the Tiger install disk if there is no previous Tiger installation on your PC.

4.  Prepare the hard drive.

Create a primary partition(primary is better, but extended logical partition is also OK, see below), , at least 10G, and format it to FAT32. This can be done by Partition Magic or Acronis Director Suite. Both are commercial software. Or, use the free gparted livecd instant.

5. Prepare the USB pen drive

Format the drive as FAT or FAT32, and rename the label to 123. Windows handle disk label’s caps in a different(and inconstant) way with OSX, so using numeric only label names would be bullet proof.

Extract the patch file(files.rar) and place it on the pen drive, it should look like this:


If you use other label names, edit and change  the second line



Install Leopard

Now lets install Leopard.

1. Optional but Highly recommend: install Tiger first. This can be done by inserting Tiger DVD on your computer and make sure you boot from it. Usually that’s done if you press F8 or F12 or whatever key combination to give you the option to choose what disk/cd drive you want to boot from. Or you can always change boot device in BIOS setup. Select your CD/DVD drive. And

Select your language and when the welcome screen shows up

  1. Select Utilities -> Disk Utility
  2. Select your partition that you want to be OSX and go to the Erase tab
  3. For Volume Format, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled), set volume name as “Leopard“(no quotes, case sensitive)
  4. Click Erase. Now the partition should not be grey, it should be black to indicate that it is active.
  5. Close out of the Disk Utility and move onwards with installation.

Use “Customize” option and unselect all packages there. Just install base system. By installing Tiger first, the partition would be properly formatted and activated, which eliminate any potential problem. Now reboot and remove the Tiger DVD.

2. Install Leopard.

Insert Leopard DVD, and make sure to select booting from DVD. The installer will load(it will take a while, be patient). If you have Tiger installed, don’t format the partition, just install it over the Tiger partition. Otherwise, same approach as Tiger installation, use Disk Utility to setup the partition.

Important: Use Customize… button and unselect all packages there. Then proceed to installation. When it’s done, reboot. And make sure that your USB/Pen Drive is connected to your PC.

Patch Leopard Installation

After the reboot, also make sure you do the same step above: Press whatever key combination to give you the option to choose your boot device: Now Select your CD/DVD drive.

When the Darwin bootloader shows up, Hit F8; When you see the prompt, type -s and hit enter. The DVD will now load in verbose mode. Watch for any panics! It should load without a problem (of course, if you already installed, its all good!)

Once the setup is loaded(again, long wait, be patient), select your language. When the welcome screens shows up, select UTILITIES-TERMINAL. The terminal will now open. We will now browse to our Thumb Drive;

In the command line, type:

cd /Volumes/123/files

Lets now run the script. This will patch the installation so it will boot properly:


Let it run. You can answer yes when removing the ACPUPowerManagement.kext


The Bootfix patch 

After reboot, if the system boots into Leopard fine, ignore this part and head to next section to setup multi boot. Otherwise, you might encounter blinking cursor or “HFS+ Error”, follow the steps below then

If you install Leopard without Tiger first, the system might still boot into Windows instead or leave a system unbootable at all. Even the tboot loader trick(see below) wouldn’t work. In this case, you need to repair the installation and setup boot property for it.

  1. Reboot using the Leopard DVD, make sure the USB pen drive is connected.
  2. Open a terminal after everything finally loads.
  3. Find out what disk your leopard was installed on by issuing this command (my machine was rdisk0s2, will use rdiskXsY below, substitute accordingly)
    diskutil list
  4. Active the partition
    fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX
    fdisk: 0>update
    fdisk:*0> f Y
    "Partition 2 marked active"
    fdisk:*0> w
    Device could not be accessed exclusively.
    A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n]y
    Writing MBR at offset 0.
    fdisk: 0> q
  5. Now goto bootfix directory by typing:

    cd /Volumes/123/files/bootfix

    and do the following

    ./dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=1
    umount /Volumes/Leopard
    ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY /usr/standalone/i386/boot
    ./bless -device /dev/diskXsY -setBoot -verbose


Post Installation: setup multi-boot

2. Now you’re already in the exciting Leopard! After initial setup, load up Terminal(Applications/Utilities) within OSX and type

sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

edit the Darwin time-out flag accordingly:


reboot and now you can choose Mac OSX/XP/Vista using Leopard’s boot loader.

3. Optional: you can also setup Windows as default OS and use windows’ OS selector to launch OSX. 

So reboot and select Windows partition, load Windows. Open a command prompt(if you’re using Vista, make sure it’s running as administrator). Use diskpart to mark the Windows partition active.

  1. Type diskpart
  2. If you have more than one disk, at the DISKPART prompt, type:
    list disk
  3. At the DISKPART prompt, type:
    select disk x
    Select the disk, x, where the partition you want to mark as active in
  4. At the DISKPART prompt, type:
    list partition
  5. At the DISKPART prompt, type:
    select partition y
    Select the partition, y, you want to mark as active.
  6. At the DISKPART prompt, type:
    to active the selected partition and system will boot from it next time. 
  7. At the DISKPART prompt, type:
    to quit the diskpart program

This will mark Windows partition as active, and the system will boot off it next time. If the PC has Windows XP installed, get this tboot(512 bytes only, a revised version of chain0 loader, support multi HDD as well as loading OSX on extended partition) file and put it to the same directory as ntldr(usually C:), adding the following line to boot.ini

c:tboot="Mac OSX Leopard"

If the PC is Vista only, put ntldr(get one from your XP installation CD), tboot and a boot.ini file to your Vista boot partition, for example

[boot loader]

[operating systems]

c:tboot="Mac OSX Leopard"

Vista will automatically detect and add the Leopard entry on next boot.

Also, for Vista users, you may use bcdedit to add tboot, but the ntldr way is much much more easier. Anway, if you prefer the native Vista bootloader, here is how:

  1. put tboot on Vista boot partition, usually C:

  2. Open a command prompt and make sure it’s running as administrator and type:

    bcdedit /create /d "Mac OSX Leopard" /application bootsector

    This will retrun a {ID}

  3. Use the command line below to add the tboot, replace the {ID} accordingly:
    bcdedit /set {ID} device boot
    bcdedit /set {ID} path tboot
    bcdedit /displayorder {ID} /addlast

That’s all. Enjoy the new Leopard!


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239 Responses to “Howto: The Complete Mac Leopard Installation and Windows Multi-Boot Setup Guide”

  1. Zach says:

    I’ve tried this twice now, and both times I end up with a blinking cursor and an immediate restart when I go to boot into Leopard after running the post-installation patch. I’m running the Asus P5w DH Deluxe with a Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2 gig ddr2, ati/powercolor radeon x1950pro.

  2. admin says:

    seems like you didn’t apply the post patch properly, and some file(s) wasn’t properly replaced, please make sure the label names are all correct and the files on Leopard installation match the hacked ones, especially the mach_kernel.

  3. Zach says:

    Just tried it a third time and still no dice. Weird because I have all compatible/common hardware too. I thought that maybe it was because I didn’t have my volume named Leopard but I just checked and it was.

  4. Sandro says:


    If I want to use Grub bootloader which steps do I have to skip? I can use it normally with Tiger.

  5. admin says:

    Grub can’t boot Leopard directly, it works the same way as booting Windows, the grub load NTLDR(chain0/tboot for OSX) then the NTLDR(chain0/tboot) handles the actual boot process.

    so, intall and bootfix the Leo if you didnt install Tiger first. After that, active the partition where grub installed, put tboot in it and add an entry for OSX

    title OSX Leopard
    root (hd0,2) <–where ur grub installed, and tboot should on root directory of it
    chainloader /tboot

  6. Sandro says:

    If I upgrade from Tiger do I still have to do all this staff,bootfix included?

  7. admin says:

    the postpatch script( is always necessary but no bootfix patch if u install Leo over a previous Tiger.

    Since u have an entry with Tiger in grub already, just install Leo on same partition and grub will load Leo, same as Tiger.

  8. Sandro says:

    Yes, it worked thanks

  9. Max says:

    The installation worked just fine for me – also the boot patch did it’s job. But now, for about 3 Minutes I have the light grey screen with the dark grey apple and the rotating symbol. After about 3 minutes the symbol stops rotating and nothing happens. What can I do to make this work? Hardware is an HP nw8510w notebook.

  10. Michael says:

    way not to give brazilmac the credit he deserves or any of the os86x team.. if you want real help from REAL developers who do more than copy and paste some How To’s from others forums where they have worked hard to show you how and alls they ask in return is some credit… head over to

  11. rahman says:

    Hi, I installed leo on my pc, after bootfix it boot directly, in welcome screen I choose united state and us keyboard input, then in transfere info, it just go back to welcome screen again, can anyone help??

    My pc is
    Pentium D 945,
    gigabyte GA965P-DS3,
    ATI radeon x800 .

  12. Roman Vernik says:

    After perfoming all steps in “The Bootfix patch” section and rebooting I get this message:
    Loading Darwin/x86
    Can't find mach-kernel

    (By the way this message is constantly blinking in strange irregular way.)

  13. Shawn says:

    I installed leopard onto an external drive but now when I try to boot it the darwin loader screen flashes, then it goes to the white apple screen with the spinning wheel and doesn’t get any further. It doesn’t stall, the wheel keeps moving, but it can’t make it past that point. Any help would be awesome, thanks.

  14. admin says:

    this guide is for installation only, so as long as ur Leo boots, it has done the job :)

    Usually, the stalled booting process is caused by some kexts which are not so compatible with your system. Try to boot with -v(press F8 during bootup) and see which is the cause. Then replace them with other kext(usually from old Tiger) and try your luck.

  15. rahman says:

    “can’t find mach_kernel”

    i got this problem too, and i fixed it
    make sure that leo partition is named “Leopard”
    if you are using the patch in this website then ur flash disk should named “123″
    or u can edit the file with notepad
    check the line:
    or PATCH=”/Volumes/XXX/files/leopatch/”
    the dir after “/Volumes/” should be the same as your flash disk.

  16. nick says:

    after i execute the file in terminal i get an error. “./ Bad interpreter. /bin/sh^M No such file or directory. ”
    I checked the postpatch file and the first line is “#!/bin/sh” so i dunno where the ^M is coming from. I typed #!/bin/sh in the terminal and i got no i dunno wuts wrong..

  17. austinPowers says:

    well after gtting leopard to boot great I F8 to select Vista to load and it won’t! I get an error saying winload.exe or something is missing or corrupt any fix for this beside installing vista again and doing this all over?

  18. Anonymous says:

    thank you!
    I got it.
    However, while I finished login in the system, I got four language reboot error.
    So by using -v, I got these information:

    Login window Application Started
    no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID
    NTFS driver 2.0 [Flags: R/O]
    NTFS volume name, version 3.1

  19. nick says:

    um nvm. ignore my post admin. i seemed to have changed the format when i opened it with wordpad instead of notepad

  20. nick says:

    i dont think u included the bootfix files…i cant seem to find it

  21. Juergen says:


    I have installed it on a Fujitsu Siemens Notebook, but I have no access to the network card, and the display can only 1024*768, but it can under Windows 1920*1200. Is it possible to use the internal network card, and a higher resolution?


  22. jon says:

    @nick: You are right. This is a good specific guide, but this bootpatch portion was not written out with the same level of instruction. We have no link to the startuptool files, and because of it, I get errors when following the steps at this point. Other than this, a thorough guide… Doesn’t really matter if this final piece fails though. Please update.

  23. eric says:

    This is the best guide by far on the internet so far. For the firs time I be able to boot in to leopard with the DVD.

    will try the bootfix next, wish me luck!!!

  24. eric says:

    Well I did it..

    Thank you, thank you and thank you…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi, who long is “a while” i’ve been waiting for like 40 min and the installer isn’t showing..:S

  26. admin says:

    quick reply:
    1. the bootfix files are included(files.rar, but I put it in a wrong directory when packing. So the guide is updated to point the right directory, which should be

    cd /Volumes/123/files/bootfix

    sorry about this.

    2. for winload.exe error when booting Vista, it happens even on Mac w/Bootcamp. Its YMMV and I have no idea why. Anyway, in this case, boot from your Vista installation DVD and select recovery, then “repair startup”. This should fix the issue.

    3. the long waiting is normal, 15-30 minutes in most machines, if u still hear ur disc spinning, that should be fine. Also, try to boot with -v flag and see if there is any error that actually halts the process.

  27. Chris says:

    I have installed Tiger, then Leopard and the install went fine and so did the postpatch. But now when i load leopard it freezes on the grey page with the spinning ‘clock’ and goes no further. What else can i do? I have installed it on a PATA driver with 50GB space. (Asus p5k-e wifi, 8600GT, 2gb ram).
    Thanks for the guide.

  28. inc says:


    thanks for the great tutorial

    i have a quick question

    i try to load leo from the dvd/usb load menu in vista… drawin seems to load but i get a grey apple logo and then it freezes? it also get kinda of a “no enter” sign as well…

    i tried -v and its goes and it stops at… somthing about itunesiphone kernel? and its still waiting for the kernel to load…

    please help and let me know what i am doing wrong..

    i got a vista with intel duo core 2 and i created a partition using disk managment in vista.


  29. Hegemon says:

    GREAT tutorial! Worked like a charm on my IBM Thinkpad T60. I did have a couple of problems, but they were user errors. First, I put the postpatch files on my thumbdrive, but didn’t have them in a folder named “files”. So guess what, it didn’t work until I moved them to the correct spot. Secondly, under the ‘Bootfix patch’ section, the author said, “will use rdiskXsY below, substitute accordingly”. Then, on the first command, it says to type ‘fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX’. By reading the first part, I typed rdisk0s2 instead of rdisk0 – I figured the author just left off the sY by mistake… nope, I should have typed EXACTLY what he had. Otherwise, it was smooth sailing! Thanks!

  30. Kevin says:

    I cannot get the The Bootfix patch section to work. I type in 0>update and get a invalid command.

  31. Kevin says:

    Found out that I had the wrong .rar from before. Post patch went on cleanly and I hope it boots to Leo.

  32. Carlos says:

    your guide was very helpful, thanks dude!

  33. Kevin says:

    Still unable to boot into Leo. Having problems here:

    ./dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=1
    umount /Volumes/Leopard
    ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY /usr/standalone/i386/boot
    ./bless -device /dev/diskXsY -setBoot -verbose

    System says umount is an unknown command…can anyone help?

  34. Kevin says:

    Ok I popped in a different hard drive and seemed to get past this stuff. I did get one additional error that is causing Leo not to boot.

    I ran this at the terminal and got the following message (my Leo partition is disk0s2):

    ./bless -device /dev/disk0s2 -setBoot -verbose

    Could not find IODeviceTree:/Options

    Can anyone help me out?

  35. Jeff says:

    I tried to install Tiger on my laptop, but beside the dvd-rom drive, the disk utility didn’t find any other partitions. I created a primary partition and formatted it to FAT32 by using Acronis Director, but OSX installer didn’t find it. What did I do wrong?
    One reason I can think of is that my harddrive is SATA, which requires a separate controller when I installed windows XP. I am sure OSX supports SATA but do I need to do something extra?

  36. peter says:

    i have installed leopard using this guide it works fine
    the problem is wen i reboot from leopard i get the blinking cursor any ideas

    intel p4 ht 64bit 2 gig ddr wester digital 320 gig sata HD

    sorry for bad english

  37. peter says:

    well tis is weird the only way it boots into leopard its with the install dvd in the drive i dont have to do anithing else
    no hiting f8 it just boots on to leopard

  38. admin says:

    @peter: this is because the boot loader on Leopard isnt properly installed, please check the bootfix section. So it can only boot off the boot loader from the DVD.

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  40. Russ says:

    THis line of command

    cd /Volumes/123/files

    doesnt work for me.
    Can anyone explain why or what “Volumes” means, maybe i could figure it out

  41. jose marvin says:

    sure hit space bar in “cd+/Volumes/123/files” +=space

  42. Ari says:

    Dear Admin,
    I am new to Mac for Intel forum, with very less tech knowledge about this subject.

    I am already downloading (60% done!) a torrent “9a581 For Intel SSE3 only”.

    But now I found that my tablet PC HP TC1100 has SSE2 – “Intel(R) Pentium(R) M” processor.

    Is all my downloads are wasted?

    I have been eagerly waiting to see Mac in my tablet PC.

    Could name which kind of Mac & version works on my PC?

    Many thanks,

    Ari, Germany

  43. [...] you still can’t get it work, follow the bootfix section in my previous guide to restore the original Darwin loader and remove this [...]

  44. Chongkkmy says:

    Hi admin,
    I have all the DVDs that i need for this installation, i have prepare the USB pen drive, and Hard drive( i use Partition magic and cre8 a fat32 partition) so i started to install. When my com boot from the DVD, (the Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 comes out) It say Press any key to install mac OS X, or press f8 to…. so i press enter to start the installation but after it loads somethings, it stop and no more respone(see the image below)…. what’s the problem?

  45. anringfield says:

    Hi! Thanks very much for your great post, but you should post more pictures in this guide. I have quick question : when fixboot we’ll change MBR of HDD. Is that sure it’ll have problem with my HDD. I worry because my HDD has important data.
    Many thanks for your help. Love you ^^

  46. admin says:

    Sorry but the BrazilMac’s release wouldnt work with SSE2 system, ToH RC2 will. I have the torrent but demonoid is down atm…I hope you can get it somewhere

    its a known issue, some system just halts there. You may want to give ToH RC2 release a try.

    MBR contains boot code and partition table. By doing fixboot, it updates the partition table(to mark Leopard partition as active) and doesnt alt the main boot loader code(unlike grub). So we can just boot into windows and set it back. It should be safe and even the worst case, just boot up with windows installation disc and run a “repair installation”. Or better, run “dd if=/dev/rdisk0 of=mbr.bin bs=512 count=1″ to backup mbr before fixboot and “dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=512 count=1″ to restore.

  47. Chongkkmy says:

    Admin, is there any guild for the ToH RC2? TQ

  48. Chongkkmy says:

    I just found a torrent “Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only” this is to install leopard right? but how i install the tiger OS first?

  49. admin says:

    ToH release should be pretty the same, but it comes with a fixboot script. You still need to boot up using the ToH DVD after installation, then type “/usr/misc/ VOLUME_NAME” in terminal. Replace VOLUME_NAME with ur Leopard installation.

  50. anringfield says:

    Hey !
    When I inserted Leopard Disc and selected boot from CD-DVD, it didn’t boot from my DVD. It loaded to Vista. Can you help me. My Leopard Disc (4.27 GB) was downloaded from Torrent Box and has it any problem ?

  51. Bob Mavric says:

    This was the best instruction I ever saw.
    I did exactly what you said and I didn’t belive Leopard Booted and ran. It runs great now. Thanks man,
    What I experienced:
    1st I installed Leo over tiger 10.4.8 and then, without even booting to tiger, I booted leo DVD and installed it over tiger. It was perfect. after postpatching, Leo booted without any problem. The only thing i mentioned was iTunes which was tiger 10.4.8 version. I upgraded it to the new version and it worked great. even Time Machine was cool.
    2nd, I tried to install it without tiger. I thought may be it was better. Actually it was. iTune was the newest But something strange happened. Time Machine did not find backup disk while trying to backup. Although it detected My external hard disk and settings was correct too, but nothing happened. It was not that matter. Installation was just a bit long because i had to boot Leo DVD 3 times. once for installation, then for postpatch and finally for making hard disk bootable.
    Anyway, thanks. it was great,

    Intel Core2 Duo
    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
    nVIDIA 7900 GT-DTH
    2GB RAM BUS 667
    2 SATA Drive

  52. Bob Mavric says:

    Hey Guys,
    Me again
    Since Demonid is down, some of you people may be looking for “Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel “.
    I am downloading it from Pirate bay site. this where you guys can get it,

    take care

  53. Chongkkmy says:

    Admin, I have downloaded “Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only”, I burned it to a DVD. But when I boot the DVD from my Com it stuck too. It comes out like this….

  54. alibaba says:

    can i install it on parallel virtual pc under vista ?

  55. alibaba says:

    hi there. after install . my pc boots into vista . so i try bootfix.
    i try to see my drive list and it gives me “disk0s6″ as leopard drive. its not “rdisk” . its without the “r” what should do ?. and im stuck at this point .i tried all options and nothing worked . i get “resource busy” or “fdisk unknown command”.
    what should i do ?

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  57. [...] version as of today is v4, which includes various bug fixes and multiboot support.  Again, as the previous installation guide, this is also based my very own experience and not a simple duplication of the [...]

  58. admin says:

    @Bob Mavric:
    thanks for your kind words!
    For a “clean” installation, someone said that it can be done by just using 10.4.x disc to format the partition but without installation, then reboot and continue with 10.5 Leopard. I’m not sure if this works, but u can just do following(as i’ve done): install 10.4.x, reboot with 10.5 dvd, then launch Terminal, do a “rm -rf /Volumes/Leopard/”, quit terminal, launch disk utility, unmount and remount the Leopard partition. Just dont format the partition inside Leopard.

    no, u cant install it in a vm, at least now. and, yes, with the leading r.

    @ Chongkkmy
    This means the disk controller isn’t supported by OSX. I’m not sure about the machine spec, but u can try to change the disk controller mode to AHCI(if there is such an option) and try again. Switching to AHCI might screw up ur XP installation though.

  59. Chongkkmy says:

    Here is mymachine spec,
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Memory (RAM) 1.97 GB
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS
    Gaming graphics 1010 MB Total available graphics memory
    Primary hard disk 223GB Free (279GB Total)
    Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate
    Manufacturer INTEL_
    Model DG965WH_
    Total amount of system memory 1.98 GB RAM
    System type 32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores 2
    64-bit capable Yes

  60. admin says:

    The DG965WH is a great board for OSX. Goto Advanced > Drive Configuration Menu, and Configure SATA as… set it to AHCI(according to the manual

    after that, try to install OSX again. Your Vista should still bootup after this change.

  61. Ari says:


    I have a SSE2 tablet PC. HP TC1100. As per your suggestion I have downloaded ToH RC2 (4.37GB) and burned it using Imgburn software.

    When I boot from the DVD, it said Installing OSX press F8 for options. And then it continously running some scripts (loading itunes, loading…, loading..) for 1 minute or so and then back to the same options again.

    All this happening in DOS. I could never see a GUI.

    Need your help. I am totally new to Hackintosh, a link to a step-by-step ToH RC2 installtion would be very much appreciated.



  62. Ari says:

    Dear Admin

    HP TC1100 SPEC:

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor
    NVIDIA GeForce 4 Go 420 with 32MB (4X APG)
    512 + 256MB RAM
    60GB Hard disk – 5400 rpm SMART hard drives
    Windows XP SP2 – Tablet PC Edition


  63. Chongkkmy says:

    Admin, Where can I downlaod the Kali’s CD?(CD that will simplify the MAKE IT BOOTABLE process)

  64. Chongkkmy says:

    where can i find the kali’s CD?(CD that will simplify the MAKE IT BOOTABLE process)

  65. Chongkkmy says:

    where to download Kali’s Make it Bootable CD?

  66. admin says:

    sorry but i have no idea what’s the error…if the disc cant boot to the installation screen, there isnt much I can do here. u may seek for further help at or

  67. Chongkkmy says:

    I downloaded the Format__amp__Make_Bootable_HD_for_Leopard and burn to a CD. I booted it from the CD and i found that it say

    System config file ‘/’ not found

  68. Kain says:

    after this command “diskutil list” i recive this error: partition UUID could not find device tree:/option unable to determine UUID for Host. error 35
    what can I do?

  69. Destiniz says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thanx loads for your work!

    I have installed Leopard on my 1st Partition and Vista on the second.

    The fix for dual boot worked for some extent….it shows the boot options but cannot load Vista.

    Again I installed Vista to the same partition and now Vista loads and no options…

    Any help is appreciated…

    cheers :)

  70. anringfield says:

    Help me ! I installed Leopard successfully but my GMA 3100 doesn’t work correctly. Have anyone kext for this ?
    And the second problem is : when I chose Shutdown from Menu of Leopard,all programs are closed but the power is still on, not like in Windows it shuts down every thing. I hate this problem. Can you help me fix it ><

  71. Adel says:

    Hi admin,

    I’m trying to follow the guide here to install Leopard on my laptop. The laptop has the following specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7400
    Mobile Intel 945PM Express Chipset
    Intel Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g MOW2 mini-pci card
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500M 512MB
    1920 x 1080 Native resolution
    100 GB 7200 RPM HDD
    2 GB Ram

    I am having issues when trying to install both Tiger and Leopard…

    1. Tiger

    I boot from DVD, it starts loading the installation and just freezes on a cursor… I’ve waited over an hour for it to continue on to the setup but it doesn’t ..

    I then tried to just install Leopard directly via the patched DVD ..

    2. Leopard

    I boot from DVD, it stays loading Darwin, it loads up, I select a language, hit next and it just freezes again .. I can move the mouse around but there is no animation in the “preparing installation” loading bar and the DVD and harddrive are not active …

    Any ideas ? Also, is there any point installing it now or are there going to be a lot of unfixable issues (for now)- I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about hardware compatability but haven’t seen any information about the compatability of specs that I have ..

    I’d really appreciate some help, thanks in advance!!


  72. bigbrov says:

    Hi Admin

    Got a problem while installing Leopard

    I allready installed Tiger and it’s working, now I want to upgrade to Leopard

    So a patched the original Leopard DVD, burn it and booted from the DVD

    Everything goes alright but just after the screen of “Preparartion Installation” I got a message “There was a problem installing Mac OS X, Try reinstalling”

    Does someone know what I can do?

  73. Chris Morfakis says:

    I managed to boot brazilmac_patcheddvd.iso.. when the grey apple screen appears i get a rotating cursor after and a while and then nothing. i left my notebook like that for the whole night and nothing happened. i used the -v at the advanced options of darwin and it freezes at:

    Localhost[1] ( Failed to count the number of files in “/System/Library/StartupItems”: no such file or directory.

    What do I have to do in order to install Leopard..

    I have HP Compaq 6720s, Intel Core Duo T5470 @ 1.6GHz, SSE3 is supported

  74. Asanka says:

    i cant download the patch file from raphidshare. it returns file not found. Can u please tell me where i can find it? My patch doesnt include the bootfix. So i need this very badly.

  75. Sudarsh Krishnan says:

    I really need full time help ive dlaoded the ToH_x86_9A581_RC2 iso so can someone help me in installing leopard by posting instructions step by step.

  76. HAL9000 says:

    Hi Admin,
    i have the Jasc Tiger on P5LD2 SE long time and all worked very well. Now i have with new HD and Brazil ISO and “make it bootable CD” Leopard succesful installed. But the post patch did not work very well yet, because many “not such file or directory” or “file is identical, not copied”. Kernel is patched after the path is corrected in the This means many or all kexts are not changed. Proportionally Leopard hangs on the grey screen with rotating mill.
    Whats to do now?

    Greetz from Germany


  77. Shotta says:

    Thanks to All,
    It was worth it just working on wirless and EFI for MY
    Satalite M115
    (0) MCE 2005
    (1) LEO
    1.5 GB
    Short and Nice I will assume that you have Windows installed already.
    1. Use the tboot step above
    2. Use the install guide there 2
    3. Use the patch here
    4. once LEO loads, you should set window active read above.


  78. kurdistan says:

    thanx for the Guide it was really good… it helped me so much…
    but i have a small problem @ its last part when i want to make it dual boot i enter to the terminal and enter:

    sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

    but it only shows:

    Kernel Flags

    there is nothing more such

    to edit so as dual Boots Vista and Leopard…
    can anyone help???

  79. Oz says:

    After 5 days of trying other “similar” guides. I have finally fixed my issue. It was not booting without the CD. many of the other guides have some errors in them. Who ever put together this guide, did a nice cleanup job. Thanks.

    If now I could only get the dock and window annimations to work smoothly….any tips?

    I also have no sound and no nic

    Dell Lattitude D430
    Single boot ToH 9a581
    Pached kernel

  80. Oz says:

    Thanks to the author, this is the best guide I seen so far. He paid plenty of attention to detail.
    I was able to install it and set it to boot without the DVD.

    However, I am now having the same issue as Roman Vernik, Shawn, Chris and inc:
    Booting stops at the gray background and grey apple screen with a “Do Not Enter” sign.

    I followed admin’s advice and booted in verbose mode.
    It reads “still waiting for boot device”. It writes this every few minutes and does not go any further.
    Any help is appreciated…..

    My 80 GB disk is divided into 4 partitions. The active one is Leopard. It is the first one and the only OS I installed so far.

    HP DC7700
    ToH RC2

  81. Russ says:

    Every time i install Leopard using brazilmac patches, i get my disk bootable and install it. However, upon reboot i get the can’t find mach kernel. I have read that i need to put the mach kernel into root on the dvd, but i dont know how to do that. any suggestions?

    Dell XPS 400
    Radeon X300 SE 128MD Hypermemory (SSE3)
    intel pentium d 2.8 ghz

  82. quarterpounder says:

    Thank you very much…
    the provided postfix solves a lot of problems.
    FYI i installed ToH and after that your (Brazil’s) postpatch, multibooting with Easy-BCD (i recommend this one!)

  83. rasskass says:

    hi there, im a bit confused, i thought you cant install Tiger on PC? as your instruction, once tiger is installed, can i use Tiger? and just keep Tiger without upgrading to leopard?

  84. Shotta90 says:

    If you are running xp, and have a blank partition simple get the tboot and place it on c:/. then follow Leo.. guide above.

    ECS 9445P-A (former dimension 5100)
    P4 3.06GHZ HT
    ATI x600 256MB
    3GB DDR2
    SB Live 24Bit (No Support)
    LAN Working
    (0) MCE 2005
    (1)XP PRO (SP3)
    (2)Vsita UL
    (4) LEo 10.5

  85. George says:

    I have an Inspiron 9400. I downloaded the BrazilMac_PatchedDVD.iso and burnt it to a DVD. When I boot to the disk the installer loads and it goes through the process of verfiying the disk consistency. Then it goes straight to a Yellow alert triangle that says Install Failed – The installer could not locate the data needed to install the software. I tried burning the disk 3 times with the same result. Does this mean it wasn’t able to read by USB drive?

  86. George says:

    i mean _from_ the USB drive

  87. kalis boot cd says:

    can somebody upload Kalis Boot cd (Format__amp__Make_Bootable_HD_for_Leopard.iso)? Because the server is down and i have no usb pen stick.

  88. Pasan Rasantha says:

    I cannot hear the sounds on mac osx86, and also i cannot setup my net work . i think there is no drivers in the mac osx86 please help me to find the drivers of intel 945GNT M/B audio (sigmatel) and network card (intel) drivers.

  89. maccurious says:

    hello and thank you all for the guide. Followed all steps, however, after installation and post-patch, I get big Powerbutton as background and warning to poweroff the system. When I boot uisng -x -f -v, system stops at:
    localhost mDNSResponder mDNSResponder-161.1 (Oct 11 2007): Starting
    localhost /usr/sbin/ocspd[62]:starting
    nothing happens after this!!!!

    Please help.

    Thank you all in advance.

  90. Alex DeWolf says:

    I have an Asus A8JS (T7200 core duo, 2GB RAM, 250G SATA, Nvidia Go 7700 w/512 MB VRAM, 14.4″ 1440×900 screen) and your install/bootfix worked great. However it boots to the blue screen, goes black, then black with the pointer (mouse does work) and halts there. Any ideas?


  91. maccurious says:

    When I run the /bless command in verbose mode, one of the line says:
    IO Media disk0s1 does not have a partition UUID.
    Is this right?

    when i run fdisk to mark my HDD active on disk0s1,
    command prompt shows:
    fdisk -e /dev/rdis0
    fdisk: 1 … is this suppose to be fdisk: 0?
    if so, what am I doing wrong?

    Help please.

  92. maccurious says:


    At Darwin loader, press F8 and type this command:
    -f -x- -legacy
    and see where it stops.
    Type those panic in this post so the Gurus can help.

  93. Alex DeWolf says:

    Tried that and still just black screen with working mouse and pointer.


  94. Aakash says:

    Hey guys, this guide is awesome! I got a lot further in my install because of it.

    BUT now im stuck very close to the end and its very frustrating. At this line:
    ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY /usr/standalone/i386/boot

    I get “startupfiletool: Unrecognized filesystem”.

    I’ve even tried the “sudo” command that Ive seen on other guides but the terminal doesnt recognize it as a command.


  95. maccurious says:

    “./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY /usr/standalone/i386/boot”
    Did you replace rdiskXsY with your disk # and partition #?
    e.g. rdisk0s1

  96. Aakash says:

    yes I did, mine is 0s2. Still havent figured that out, tried the next step which is the “bless” and I get a “Could not find IODeviceTree:/options”

  97. maccurious says:

    Yes, I am stuck at the same place, getting IODeviceTree:/options. Surprised that no one is guiding us further. I have beein searching for last two days, no answer.
    Lets hope…

  98. nevvvw says:

    Compaq Presario V6336EA

    Formatted hard drive in to 3 parts bcoz i hated VISTA, installed XP home and Pro (thats just for fun)
    and formatted the third partition with another tool (i don’t remember…was it the XP cd?) to FAT
    named it Leopard, C has Win XP Pro, and D has Win XP Home & E is Leopard

    Changed bios settings to boot from cd/dvd

    copied this file to c drive

    add the following line to boot.ini

    c:tboot=”Mac OSX Leopard”

    1 Copy of a properly prepared Brazilmac disk

    1 Copy of the Kalyway boot prepare cd for Leopard

    1 USB Flash drive (formatted FAT) name it 123

    extract this to your USB (123) so once you have finished extracting it should contain a folder called ‘files’

    if you are ready with all the above lets start

    Insert the Kalyway cd and press any key to boot the cd when you are prompted.

    After about 5 minutes you will come to a slimmed down tiger install, here in the toolbar at the top of your screen. you’ll see ‘Utility’. select Disk Utility and select partition we made earlier! Leopard, prepare your drive as HFS+ (journaled) and call it Leopard again.

    When the disk utility completes, exit it and continue through the installer, there will be 1 package already selected, install it and you are done.

    Insert the Leopard install disk and reboot your computer.

    Wait for the DVD to boot up and select a language. The in the toolbar at the top of your screen. you’ll see ‘Disk Utility’. Open it and select the partition you created earlier (Leopard). Format it to HFS+ (journaled) and call it Leopard.

    Now do a repair permissions on your drive, this is optional, but it probably won’t hurt – safe to do and it might save you another 20 minute bootup into the installer just to do this.

    When the disk utility completes, exit it and continue through the installer, go through steps on your screen. Select Leopard partition hit customize. deselect all packages.

    The install will take about an hour, depending on your computer configuration. Take a cup of coffee and start praying.

    Plug in the USB.

    When the installation finishes let your computer reboot, with Leopard DVD!

    This time Select Language and when you see the Welcome screen click Utility’. select Terminal


    (please note thers gap between cd and dots, and also a space before /Volumes)

    cd ..
    cd ..

    cd /Volumes/123/files


    select Y for remove .kext and reboot

    Let your computer reboot, but be sure to leave the install DVD in the drive. When the DVD prompts this time, just let the countdown time out. When it does, your installation of Leopard will automatically boot up. You’ve done it!

    incase if you want to feel really good!!! turn the volume way up!

    i really felt GOOD :-D when i heard the music.

    and do not update OSX!!!! i got a blue screen after bootup so had to go thru the pain of starting from scratch again.

  99. [...] al equipo de Forum OSx86, DigitMemo y a InsanelyMac ya que si la ayuda de ellos nada de esto hubiera sido [...]

  100. Evan says:

    I cannot get the terminal to find the files folder on my flash
    drive. I formatted it to FAT32 and i changed the line to PATCH=“/Volumes/123/files/leopatch/”, but no luck

  101. Evan says:

    Nevermind I got it to work, the reason was that i had an encryption on my flash drive, so i turned password protection off. Great Job with the Guide you really helped a lot

  102. l0pht says:

    Hi m8s

    First of all a :) ”GREAT THANKS”:)
    For this guide cause this one gave me the insight in what I´m doing so once again :) ”GREAT THANKS”:)

    Ive installed Leopard on a pc without mostly no problem.
    Using this guide and a little help from other sites.
    Great guides there too (some at least )

    One BIG prob is booting into the hd0×1 cause I ain’t been able to “execute” pc_efi_v8 patch.

    After rebooting into Leopard via the DVD and Darwin..
    with a few panics BUT into the system!

    After booting into the system I used iPacifist 2.5.1 to patch with, (GREAT PROGRAM !!!)

    After patching and rebooting (had to do that a lot of times)
    :( I cant open disk utility or system.. from “the tray” the icons looks like something U draw with !!

    Hmmm…. there is surely a name for it ;)

    So when I was going to do the last patch I couldn’t get into diskutil to do it !!! XbadXwordX.

    Is there any “tool” to use to “repair” those files? A lot are damaged I think.

    I could always start from the beginning again but this time I think I’m so close to break the “line of honor” (for me self) and I think U got the the solution for me;)

    I did the all patching that was recommended and it was after this I got the prob with the “files”.
    I published my thoughts on this site 2 which I found very interesting .

    All U m8s have to remember that most of us getting problems are very unfamiliar with the UNIX and Mac OS and so on most pc (WIN)user don’t know other language ;

    So I think mostly its a communication problem for us all ;)

    I use a strange words, cause I’m from the
    “Dirty Operative System” AREA


    old dosUser
    beginner LINUX OSX ,UBUNTU

  103. Anonymous says:

    Great tutorial THANKS!

    Took a while to get it working but now works great dual booting with Vista.

  104. MovieMaker says:

    Well, I tried for two solid weeks.Night and day. I finally got a bootable Kalyway disk. Booted up with that and formated my drive. Then I booted up with the TOH Boot disk. It got to a certain point and gave me two panics. One was frame panic, the other was a GeForce5 panic. I had a geforce 8600. Finally, I changed the video card to a 7300 and I still got the frame panic. I finally decided to quit. Too many variables. I believe I was THIS close to having it work. But, my stress level is too high. If I would have made it into the leopard install, then I could have tweaked it. But, on a zero budget, what can I do?

  105. MovieMaker says:

    Oh yeh, I wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. Also, especially onetrack for his hard work.

  106. g_mac says:

    Excellent guide! Thanks!
    Finished the installation and followed the guide exactly and carefully.
    Consider the result mostly successful but there are some issues:
    I can boot up only with the installation DVD present in the drive ( The Darwin bootloader starts from the DVD and then switches over to the hd) Everything else is fine.
    I set up the system for multi boot per the guide but plan to install XP at a later time,
    Could this be the cause of the problem? If yes, is there a way to fix this without installing XP?

  107. smint says:

    Excellent Guide! I thought I followed it completely but maybe I missed something. I even got the motherboard suggested in this thread.

    I am using BrazilMac_PatchedDVD.iso disk. I also have the original 10.5 Leopard DVD that I purchased. I also have the patch files. My hardware configuration is:

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Memory (RAM) 1.97 GB
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD2600
    1 SATA hard disk drives – with 2 primary partitions. First Partition had Windows XP. Second primary partition formatted FAT32 for 270 gig for installing OS-X.
    1 SATA DVD Reader
    Manufacturer INTEL
    Model DG965WH
    Total amount of system memory 1.98 GB RAM
    System type 32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores 2
    64-bit capable Yes

    I have the on-board graphics disabled and am using the ATI graphics card. I have enabled AHCI by going to Advanced > Drive Configuration Menu, and set it to AHCI-> ON. Also set HPET -> ON.

    Using the -v option, I get to the following point and then its stops and continues to give the error msg – “still waiting for root device”.

    mbinit: done
    Security auditing service present
    BSM auditing present
    From path:”uuid”,
    Waiting for boot volume with UUID 669CE1E4-3509-3E06-AEDF-CEFE08E218B7
    Waiting on IOProviderClass<IOResourcesIOResourceMatchboot-uuid-media
    still waiting for root device
    still watiing for root device
    still waiting for root device.. this msg continues.

    I know that with AHCI ON, it will not work with Windows XP but I am only interesting in running OS-X at this point.

    Appreciate any guidance I could get on this.

  108. majke says:

    Thanks for a superguide.
    My problem is that i cant see any of my HD when leopard tell me to choose a place for the installation.
    Sorry for my bad english. its late.

  109. Claudiu says:

    i have installed a prepatched amd leopard.
    worked just fine until hfs+ error
    if you keyboard/mouse is not responding at the language screen deactivate from bios: usb keyboard/mouse support
    i will now try the hfs+ error patch

  110. Claudiu says:

    i can boot leopard from hard drive:
    i insert the dvd and wait.
    but i get kernel panic:
    something about geforce kext; i have a ati 9550

    plzzzzz help

  111. Bob says:

    For those getting tired of problems associated with Brazil patch/postpatch x 86 Leopard try iATKOS. Uphuck latest Leopard. Smaller installation foot print built in Booth loader.

  112. Vikram Kone says:

    I wrote a similar guide.
    Hope it will be useful for you folks..
    Have a look at it.. Its plain and simple.

  113. Claudiu says:

    First of all excuse my English.
    Great job guys.
    The guide is ok, but I have a problem. I have a laptop HP Nx6325 with an AMD Turin 64 X2 (SSE3).
    What I am doing wrong.
    The MacOs Disk Utility can see everything except, my laptop hard drive. After several attempts, I decide to create on my laptop hard drive 4 partition. One formated FAT32, one NTFS, one just created without format and some unlocated space to see what kind of format can be seen by Disk Utility. But still nothing. I have an external hard drive 2.5’’ (like laptop’s ones), on that one, everything it’s ok (formated as FAT32). And Disk Utility, can also see my Usb stick as a potential space for install (FAT32), but I never tried.
    I realy don’t want to run my MacOs from that external hard drive.
    How can I convince Disk Utility to see my laptop hard drive.
    Please help me!

  114. newbee says:

    @rahman,and all

    I have the same prob like you in November
    *Hi, I installed leo on my pc, after bootfix it boot directly, in welcome screen I choose united state and us keyboard input, then in transfere info, it just go back to welcome screen again*
    I used the brazil image, my pc like wishlist

    What I can do? Plz help – many thx

  115. Sprucy says:


    I had to read on the web for a lil’ while to run into that answer because i had the same problem. the only way to get around that welcome “loop” was to have Tiger installed on another partition or something or other and then when your running through your Leo welcome screen, instead of choose dont Carry over anything, choose to transfer from a diff volume or whatever to select your Tiger partition, that way it gets past that, giver a try, worked for me..


  116. ipoz says:


    put the startupfiletool in the same folder as your boot (it is either in the files folder or i386 folder if you are using brazilmac patch). then use ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY boot. Instead of just putting boot, you can put the full file path. just do pwd and copy the path of “boot” file. as someone said here sudo does not work while in terminal from DVD boot, so just start with ./ or i have seen the command working as such without it. Try your luck.

    for those of u having problem, Waiting for the root device, dont give up. I see it 90/100 times and I mean really that number for the times I have booted. All you got to do is boot many times or shake the hard disk a little (like titling 30 degrees, i read somewhere; funny) or changing the port where your sata cable is hooked (for eg for GA-965P-DS3 boards, it only work properly if the SATA HD is in purple port and farthest away from the IDE port; and my DVD works properly if connected or orange SATA 0 port; strange but thats what i saw).

    And anyway, dont forget to use -x -v most of the time. also -f if you want to load all the kext files. also if booting from DVD drive, just write -x -v and if booting from hard drive, then first note down the disk number it usually takes (go disk utility from DVD boot, find the drive carrying Leopard installation, click info and write down the disk number; usually disk0s1). at the time of boot , enter -x -v rd=disk0s1

    Hope this will help

  117. asking for help says:

    thank you for this guide, it has been very helpful. i have installed leopard, ran post patches, and the bootfix through terminal. on attempt to boot: -x -v -f rd=disk1s1 it states: Login Window Application Started

    at this point the boot stops. please inform me how to solve this problem. thank you. peace

  118. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x86 Activated torrent…

  119. Intruder says:

    I only have the Leopard disk so I have to do the Bootfix patch so after going to the bootfix directory, after entering

    “./dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk1s2 bs=512 count =1″

    I end up with the error

    “dd: usr/standalone/i386/boot1h: No such file or directory”

    What am I missing? Have I missed out some files for the patch?

  120. Intruder says:

    Nevermind I fixed it… the usb stick I was using was faulty lol… Corrupted memory… I’ve got Mac OSX on my lappy now so it’s all good.

  121. B Man says:

    Hi, Help needed….

    When I type in the initial command
    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk2fdisk: 0>update

    I got
    update: Read-only file system

    and cant move on….
    any idea what to do ??

  122. B Man says:

    sorry, i meant to say when i type the command line

    fdisk -e /dev/rdiskx

    i get
    No such file or directory.

    what to do ?

  123. N says:

    when i install leopard, it installs perfectly, but when i boot up it says no operating system (i am dual booting with vista). When i plug in the USB drive with the 9a581 post patch, and access the terminal, it doesnt work it says “cant find such directory”

  124. Shotta90 says:

    Anyone like this for KALYWAY

  125. Glen says:


    i have a problem with partition. I tried with Vista Partition Manager and what happened is that i have primary logical drive and when try to format it into Mac OS under Leo install it says that it can’t be done. Why is so?

  126. Rahul says:


    I have never used MAC on Any PC.

    My PC Config is:
    INTEL C2D 2.13 GHZ
    RAm: 1 GB
    HDD : 250 GB Sata2
    Is it Possible to run MAC on my PC…?

    I Hvae Downloaded “osx-leopard105.dmg” fm Torrent and “post install patch file”

    But,how to Burn: “osx-leopard105.dmg” which is 6.65GB in Size….?

    Plz…Help Me…..

  127. Rahul says:

    Optional: Original unpatched Leopard installation disk image, and patch file to enable x86 PC support and strip the image to 4.3G so it can fit on a single layer DVD. This requires access to an working OSX Tiger system, so might not feasible for everyone.
    I have this File…

    Did i need this..???
    Optional but highly recommended: Patched 10.4.10 Tiger installation disk(torrent download). Other Tiger disk will also work.
    the patched DVD image(torrent download), post install patch file.

  128. Rahul says:

    HOw to Burn this file:


    in VISTA or XP…???

  129. ariq says:

    After 3 times installation, now it’s work…
    Excellent guide! Thanks!

  130. gavaskar says:

    System Config file ‘/com.Apple.Boot.Plist’ Not found after installation plz any one help

  131. Dave says:

    “N said

    am February 8 2008 @ 9:56 pm

    when i install leopard, it installs perfectly, but when i boot up it says no operating system (i am dual booting with vista). When i plug in the USB drive with the 9a581 post patch, and access the terminal, it doesnt work it says “cant find such directory”

    I’m having the exact same problem. I’m following the exact route.

  132. Koushik says:

    Oh man……. i tried as many ways as i can. i formatted my hard disk minimum 7 times .. but i couldn’t get leopard working. i tried Kalyway, iAtkos, patched iAtkos, and some other one. Please tell me what to do. and i tried this one too.

    My configuration:
    Intel Pentium D102GGC2
    ATi Radeon xpress 200 series
    40 GB Hard disk (Not SATA)
    1.5 GB RAM

    Please help me!!!
    I really love leopard.

  133. pawan choure says:

    Hi I recently Downloaded Leopard 10.5 from Torrent but when tried to install it on my Pentium machine it Didn’t work.when i select boot from cd the Darwin boot loader is shown and after some time system gets restarted.So please tell me how to install Leopard on mt pentium machine.
    My System Configuration is:
    MSI P4M M/B
    intel 2.4 Ghz Processor(Prescott)
    768 MB RAM
    250 BG HDD
    512 MB Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT

    So please tell me how shouls i install leopard on my system.

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  135. beeduul says:

    thank you! and thanks to brazilmac and all contributors.

    finally running (barely — only integrated video, no network yet) on asus p5e-vm, core 2 quad 6600. now to get to work on making it functional.

    cheers beers!

  136. Richy says:

    Thanks heaps for the Tiger & Leopard installation How To. I installed Tiger first, which went off without a hitch. Then installed Leopard, which was also successful to some degree. After the first start up, I wasn’t greeted with the initial setup screen where you enter in your time zone etc; instead I was greeted by the Mac OS X login screen. This is where I run into issues. The login screen lists a user account called “Other”. After clicking on it, it asks for a username and password. I have tried entering anything and everything I can think of but the screen shakes and prevents me from logging in. (Note: The account listed above as “Other” appeared after the first start up, I didn’t create the account) Is there anyone out there that has an idea on how to work around or fix this issue?
    Thanks in advance.

    I’m so close I can taste it.

  137. nikss says:

    Hey …u have wrote such an amazing guide ….!!! i have now TIGER running on my “AMD 4200+ X2″ with “ASUS M2N”…and when i tried to install LEO installed fine all the way but when i rebooted my pc….its not detecting the drive on which i installed LEO…and then i tried BOOTFIX using my USB pen DRIVE (FAT32)
    when i open the TERMINAL..and type the command “cd /volumes/123/files/” it says “NO SUCH FILE DIRECTORY” please help me out….i m really tired of trying it again n again ….
    THANKS …..n “Waiting”

  138. [...] get detallied info Howto: The Complete Mac Leopard Installation and Windows Multi-Boot Setup Guide [...]

  139. Declan says:

    stuck on reading from USB drive

    Doesn’t want to find it when I do the cd part

    I can get cd /Volumes working so that’s not he problem

    I also used the ls command to view drives and USB isn’t there although it does show up in diskutils

    Any1 know what I can do?


  140. It’s work well.

    Thank you :)

  141. [...] Saw a message in a forum which pointed to this page. First, I needed the “post install patch file” which there’s a link to in the [...]

  142. [...] “bootfix patch” – mentioned in the original article, and originally found here - I had to copy the files to a USB memory stick and follow the instructions on each and every [...]

  143. RuthLess says:

    Come on people, this is perfect for 10.5 and much appreciation go out the all contributors.

    Has anyone tried the method here for 10.5.2?

    Toshiba Satalite
    1.6GHz, 1.5Gb Ram,
    (0) WMC 2005
    (1) Leo 10.5.0

    Made possible with tboot.

  144. yoni says:


    I’ve copied the ‘files’ folder to my MP3 player, and when I write the command “cd /volume/123/files” in the terminal, it says “no such file or directory”, and now I can run both XP and Leopard, in other words, I can’t use my pc.

    I named the MP3 player correctly (“123″) and formatted it with FAT32.

    I would like to know how I can get my PC back to life. :/

    What can I do to make the command work?

    I’ve tried many things, over and over, but I’m just tired and have no idea what else there’s to do.

    By the way, the System Profiler identifies my MP3 player as a “MASS STORAGE DEVICE”, so I think it’s OK.

    Thanks in advance!

  145. Elessar says:

    Hello there people, I’m having problems with the ./bless command it’s giving me an error about:

    Could not find IODeviceTree:/Options

    I can’t go any further than that and if I reboot and try to boot to leopard I have Darwing but goes all the way on the countdown, but doesn’t boot, just stays there, whitout errors. Please, advise.

    ****For all the people that are having the problems with the error of no such file or directory while you’re trying to copy the files from the USB drive, the problems it’s related that the USB drive it’s not mounted, I’ve tried several times trying to do it, until I realized that the drive wasn’t mounted, but I tried to mount it with disk utility, didn’t work, it was giving me an error every time, what I did, I copied the files to another Mac partion and worked***

  146. yoni says:

    I can’t even boot into XP, so I can’t copy any files to any partition.
    I’m stuck with a non-working boot..

  147. yoni says:

    Tried MBR fix, but it didn’t work, too..

  148. yoni says:


    I used Gparted live CD to set XP’s partition as the boot partition, and now it’s successfully boots into XP, and I can go on with the Leopard installation guide.

    I hope it helps if anyone got the same problem..

  149. yoni says:

    I’ve finished setting the multi-boot, but when I try to load Windows (after choosing the Windows partition from the bootloader), windows loads, and it says “Logging off”, instead of “Logging in”, and then the screen will start blinking with Windows changes what’s write in that logging window..

    It switches any second from “Logging in” to “Logging out” to “Saving your settings”, and it never stops, so I can only boot into Leopard.

  150. RuthLess says:

    Hi all it’s me again, I can see that some are having trouble using these instructions, I had trouble at first too. They work 100 %, I have prove it more than 5 times after trying and trying. Follow directions closely and things will be ok. I would like to add that I have finally risked my installation using instructions here with, tboot and 10.5.0(TOH) and [skipped 10.5.1] using Kalway 10.5.2 comboupdate, and things are good.
    Toshiba Satalite
    1.6GHz, 1.5Gb Ram,
    (0) WMC 2005
    dual boot /w
    (1) Leo 10.5.2

  151. RuthLess says:

    Where is the pic? ok then here

  152. yoni says:

    Hi RuthLess,

    I’ve followed the guide, but I used the iATKOS v1.0ir2 DVD.
    The problem is that now I have the darwin kernel installed, instead of the original Leopard kernel, so I can’t install any unmodified kexts.
    If I will install it all over again (fresh start) with the Original Leopard DVD, will I be able to install native (unmodified) kexts?


  153. Yoni says:


    You (the guide author) said that “If you have the original disk image and an OSX Tiger installation, then use the patch file to shrink it on a Single Layer DVD”.

    I DON’T have Tiger installed (only XP Pro)- do I still need to shrink it using the patch, or I must burn it as it is, with a dual/double-layer disc?

  154. RuthLess says:

    Hi yoni

    I’m not a mac pro, but from experimenting, I can tell you that the patch that is included above is the key to booting Leo, so to answer you Q, it doesn’t matter what kexts you have installed, you must run ./ to patch your Leo. this even seems to work even after software updates prevent Leo from booting. hope that helps.

  155. Yoni says:


    Thanks for your reply, but it’s not really helpful.
    I’ve just bought a Double-Layer (8.5GB) DVD Disc, and I’m on XP, and I don’t know how to burn the .dmg file.
    I downloaded the APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.ISO-OSX release, as recommended by the author of the guide.

    How can I apply the before-installation patch to my Leopard .dmg DVD image, so it will work on a X86 PC?

  156. RuthLess says:

    I don’t know about that, you want to torrent for 10.5.0 (TOh), and take it from there, i have tried many others and this never fail, you are trying too hard to get Leo, go the easy way.

  157. Yoni says:

    I have the Kalyway and iATKOS discs already burned, but I want to install the original Leopard DVD disc.

    Anyway, in a few hours I will have the APPLE.OSX.LEOPARD.PROPER.ISO-JAEGER release burned on a Double-Layer DVD disc, cause this release can be burned within Linux, Mac OS and Windows. It’s an .iso image.

  158. Yoni says:

    Damn, I can’t boot this DVD, it just boots straight into XP, after checking if there’s a bootable CD/DVD in the drive.

  159. Yoni says:

    Maybe that’s because I have an IDE optical drive, and I need a SATA one, because of my mobo’s JMicron driver?

  160. Rua says:

    Hi, i’m having a problem with Kalyway 10.5.2.

    I did a fresh install of kalyway. after the istall it boots ok, but it freezes in the Apple sign. any help with this??


  161. ssin says:

    I wounder if dg965wh and all drivers are on board one like graphic, sound and lan will it has any problems?

  162. Jen says:

    I can only get as far as the Disk Utility part of the Tiger install. If I put the Volume Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), the mounting fails, and the partition still comes up greyed as FAT32. If I try to verify or repair the partition, I get the error “Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: 000000″. The same thing happens if I try it with the Leopard cd. If I open up GParted though after doing this, it sees the partion as HFS+. Is there a way to fix this?

    My partitions are (approximately) as follows:
    60GB Primary: NTFS (Windows XP Professional)
    6GB Primary: EXT3 (Kubuntu Linux)
    34GB Extended: 4GB Logical Linux Swap/30GB Logical FAT32 (OS-share music)
    20GB Primary: FAT32 (destination of OS X)

    Windows bootloader is currently handling the XP/Linux dual-boot.

    Might it have something to do with the Kubuntu install? Would it make any difference if OSX was installed first? I’m tempted to return the machine to factory settings and try this starting from scratch, but am not going to do that unless it’s going to be worth my time. Any idea why this is happening, or how to avoid it, how to fix it and mount the partition? Anyone else have the same problem? Would it work if I installed OSX before Linux? Any help/input at all is GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks a ton,
    — Jen

  163. Jen says:

    Solution to my own problem (SEE ABOVE):

    Instead of making a FAT32 patition, leave the space unallocated and use diskpart in XP to create a primary partition with id=af

    worked like a charm.

  164. Jen says:

    oh, and set it to active

  165. mussadek says:

    THANKS , ur Tboot saved the day for me LOOOL

  166. dreadz says:

    I used Acronis Disk Director and partitioned a drive to fat32, and then in the tiger installation, I cant see any hard drives to install too

    Did i forget anything?

  167. dreadz says:

    I’ve also tried formatting it under the Leopard installer (Which formatted it ok) and then going back into tiger, but it still only sees my disc drive and not the hard drive

  168. jules says:

    Hi admin

    I am having a Problem with kalyway 10.5.2

    I did a fresh install and on boot up I am having a ” still waiting for root device” error.
    has anyone had this issue before and is there a resolution?

  169. Khaled says:

    Hi Admin
    I followed the instructions in this site to install Leopard 10.5 on a hp dv5122ea laptop, but I am facing a problem, everything went well until I reached the welcome video in the first run of Mac os x, when the video ends and the location selection window comes up, the laptop goes to standby, and when I push the power button I get a black screen and nothing happens, I tried reinstalling but the same exact thing happened, can you help in this?


  170. RuthLess says:

    Hi all I would like to share some interesting findings. I was able to upgrade to 10.5.3 and Darwin Boot loader 9.2. I have notice that was you run / you may notice that some files were not copied nor replaced. If this happened format you flash drive with the appropriate label and like I said thanks to the man who wrote this, because it make all the Leo update bootable so for, and trust me I have had the bsd several time and this get the job done. good luck all will post a pic soon.

    Toshiba Satalite
    1.6GHz, 1.5Gb Ram,
    (0) WMC 2005
    dual boot /w
    (1) Leo 10.5.3

  171. RuthLess says:

    Here is a pic as promised

  172. Ninaad says:

    Please help friends

    i just download a iatkos 2.0v from the torrents and am not able to start the operating system the installation and everything works well completes succesfully but it does not start the operating system after reboot.

    it only shows the cursor please some one help
    please respond i am in need of help please.

  173. RuthLess says:

    Blinking cursor means your close, now plug in your flash drive and boot from you dvd then run ./ [ you may notice that some files were not copied nor replaced. If this happened format you flash drive with the appropriate label from above]

  174. Khaled says:

    I have solved the problem of my laptop by updating the BIOS, I thought it s good to share this piece of info as it may help somebody

  175. Macaddict says:

    Hey guys,

    Top job on the install guide, all installed and working fine, just wondering how I go about getting a better resolution out of my monitor / gcard combo

    I have an Nvidia GeForce 7600GT and Dell 19″ monitor,

    I have installed Titan and the card is recognised properly in system profiler, however the maximum resolution in the display config is 1024×768

    any ideas?

  176. kevin says:

    Is it possible to use the original OS X Leopard which is a bit more than 7.50 GB rather than the patch OS X image which is 4.37GB .

    In fact what is the difference. Did you remove some files to make it fit in a 4.7GB DVD and called it a patched DVD or did you really add some files or things like that to the OS X Leopard.

    Thanks dude. Anyway have been trying since long to put OS X Leopard on my X86 machine which is a Intel quadcore processor and don’t really know if it going to work with this processor.

    Waiting for your response.
    And Great Work

  177. Helpless says:

    Hey There,

    I appreciate to share your knowledge and work with other people. But I need help with burning a ISO file on DVD. I tried to burn 4.37GB ISO file on DVD using imageburn but its just burn 482kb file on DVD. other software keep warning me that I need 6MB more space to burn this file on DVD. I download this torrent twice even though same problem.
    Please help me with this problem.

    Once Agein Thx.

  178. kent says:

    hello there,

    can someone tell me if OSX 10.4.10 will work on Asus A8J?


  179. Radu says:

    Hi. Thank you for your guide, it was very helpfull, still there is a small error at the end that spoils all the hard-sleepy-eyes-work I’ve doing so far. Everything worked out smoothly UNTIL … until the final part when I am supposed to boot into Leopard and it loads but it keeps showing this dark-grey screen with the same text in 4 languages ” You need to restart your computer. hold down the power button for several seconds or press the reset button”> Cool. over and over again. Right at the end. Of course, I cannot boot into Vista as the MBR is not a friend of mine at this moment. PLEASE, do you have any suggestions? It will be a HUGE help.
    Thank You,

  180. imran says:

    hi ,
    i m using msi motherboaed
    amd athlon x2 4000+ = 2.1 ghz
    gForce 7300 256 mb , how can i install mac 10.5

  181. bp_signori says:

    hello, i’ve problem to dualboot WinXP with Leo4all v.3, my HDD is 160 GB, i devided it into 3 partition. first partition 28 gb as XP, and 2nd 8 gb for Leo, last is for data. first thing is i installed XP and then leo, after i installed leo my system cannot login to both of my OS,and i read your tutorial, and now i can boot to xp follow the “post multiboot” and copy tboot i cannot login to leo but XP i can. and i read more to fix boot, open terminal but the system said “cd: /Volumes/123/files/fixboot : no such files or directory” and if i connect my flashdisk for the first time the system refused to enter leo installation. can you help me master…

    FYI my system hardware:
    AMD x2 3600+
    MSI K9N Ultra
    Kingston 1 gb pc 5300
    MSI GeForce 7300
    Seagate SATA II 160 GB
    DVD-RW Liteon

  182. Mica says:

    Hey thanks, helped alot ^^

    Going to try this evening ^

  183. SickofWindoz says:

    is there a list somewhere of sucessful installations of OSX on pc notebooks? I have a Dell D600 notebook I would like to put it on. Any information is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  184. Nikita G. says:


    i can’t figure out how to fix a problem with umount parameter

    when i type
    ./dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=1
    umount /Volumes/Leopard

    it says: uknown parameter umount

    i have subsituted x and y with the same values as i did for fdisk, but it still doesn’t work.

    could someone advice something?
    thanks in advance

  185. gategeek10 says:

    If I do end up doing this I’m not worried about it not working. Is there anything irreversible that could happen? I still have my XP disc just in case.

  186. naveen says:

    thank u very much for this guide
    i have a problem
    actually till 1 month back i had used mac os x on my pc very well for my 945 chipset
    but recently i had added nvidia 8400 gs to my current configuration of Core 2 duo ,945 intel motherboard,viewsonic monitor,…
    and now i get a message that please restart ypur computer and when i restart the computer still iget the same plz hel me.ilove to use mac .and i am a big hardcore mac fan.

  187. Vicky says:

    Thanks for your guide
    its very help full
    i have installed and patched OSX
    while booting the screen stops with the last line saying

    localhost DirectoryService[48]: Launched version 5.0 (v514)

  188. Sanzar says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am kind of real tired of Windows and want to shift to the MAC Leapord. I have a HP Pavillion with Centrino Duo T5750, Nvidia 512 8400 M GS and 3 GB of Ram. I want a dual boot system for now so that I do not interrupt my work and other files, i admit its gonna take me months to migrate completely but I have made the decision and want to continue with it. please tell me if a dual boot is possible and how do i go about it.

  189. Sanzar says:

    I am kind of real tired of Windows and want to shift to the MAC Leapord. I have a HP Pavillion with Centrino Duo T5750, Nvidia 512 8400 M GS and 3 GB of Ram. I want a dual boot system for now so that I do not interrupt my work and other files, i admit its gonna take me months to migrate completely but I have made the decision and want to continue with it. please tell me if a dual boot is possible and how do i go about it.

  190. jon says:

    For those with problems booting without the kalyway DVD:
    Partition the whole hard drive in MBR format & Macintosh Extended Journaled.
    I am running two separate hard drives for XP and Leopard. I am not sure if this works for a single partitioned hard drive.

  191. Rogecinnero says:

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  192. Ace says:

    Hey , thanks for your guide first . But can you help me with the problem ? I’m stuck at step 4 :Active the partition

    fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX
    fdisk: 0>update
    fdisk:*0> f Y
    “Partition 2 marked active”
    fdisk:*0> w
    Device could not be accessed exclusively.
    A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n]y
    Writing MBR at offset 0.
    fdisk: 0> q

    I checked with the “diskutil list” and my disk is disk0s6
    At this time , when i entered “fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 and it appeared : fdisk 1
    is what i need to type . So help me , how i’m gonna do next ?

  193. roy says:

    well i just want to know if its possible to install mac ox leo on a pc that already have windows 7 64 bit installed.
    so yes. what should i do to make the instalation of leo accepted after loding. because i tryed and tryed, but it keep restarting without going true the first install darwin screen.
    manny thanx

  194. ioloo says:


    Thanks a lot fr your work

    I have a problem in the next instruction:
    ./bless -device /dev/diskXsY -setBoot -verbose

    couldnot set device property = 0xe000000002c7

    I don’t know what it means because I don’t know what bless instruction does. I’m lost!
    Rebooting the Pc hungs up. Excuse my english.

    Thank you again.

  195. Help says:

    i have a big problem with dual booting between [Windows , iPC Universal 10.5.6 ] , i just finishing the installation of Hackintosh iPC Universal , then i boot onto the system from the DVD , and its works fine, then i restart the system and eject the dvd after that the mac os x and windows 7 wouldn’t boot i googeling to get solution for the problem , i found the solution , i fixed the MBR using Windows 7 Installation disk , after repairing i log on to windows and add mac os x using EasyBCD , then i restarted the pc , but when i select the mac os x entry its appears this message
    “A disk error occurred
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”
    please help !

  196. Anonymous says:

    seed please

  197. Alexandru says:

    The managed to install Tiger OS but I’ve failed with the Leo. I’ve read some of the comments and someone had a problem with pressing no button in order to start the installation. It also happened to me. If I pressed any button except F8 it would have restarted. But I’ve seen in a YouTube video that a guy pressed F8 and then wrote: “-v -x -y” . I tried to do the same. The loading of the files was OK, but after that I got a couple of errors, which I ignored. The installation started normally, I did the rest of the stepes and installed succesfully. When I tried to apply the patch, the SH file couldn’t rename 2 files. And I was blocked there.

    I have to mentioned that for the LEO Installation I used a
    Kalyway version 10.5.1 for SSE3/SSE2 (exactly the same size)from a local tracker.

    Any suggestions? Thx.

  198. Alexandru says:

    *I’ve managed, sorry!

  199. Alexandru says:

    One more thing! I have a big doubt about this code:
    fdisk:*0> f Y
    When I type diskutil list one of the devs looks like this:
    0: FDisk_partition_scheme *74,5GI disk0
    1: WINDOWS_NTFS 59,9GI disk0s1
    2: APPLE_HFS Leopard 14.7 disk0s5

    So my X is 0 and my Y is 5.
    When I type:
    fdisk:*> f 5
    I get and error message: Invalid partition nomber. I think instead of Y in your example it should be the number of the partition under the “#”, because I tired the same command with 2 and it showed what it was supposed to.

    Am I right?

  200. mm999 says:


    I’m interested in running OSX in a vmware virtual machine on a windows host. And I have a Leo DVD available, which I bought for the Macbook of my girl friend.

    Reading this article I have the impression, that it would be much easier to somehow “boot” an efi based boot loader which makes the system think it is a Mac – and afterwards is able to install from the ordinary Leo DVD.

    The installation would then run in two steps. The plain vanilla Bios loads the efi boot loader and the efi boot loader boots from the virtual DVD-ROM drive.

    Does anyone know, if such a solution exists?

  201. sam says:

    I have a drive issue, installing OSX snow leopardon my think pad was successfull, however Ethernet, wireless, audio and VGA are not working

    here is LSPCI output

    00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Memory Controller Hub [8086:2a40] (rev 07)
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2a42] (rev 07)
    00:02.1 Display controller [0380]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2a43] (rev 07)
    00:03.0 Communication controller [0780]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset MEI Controller [8086:2a44] (rev 07)
    00:19.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection [8086:10f5] (rev 03)
    00:1a.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 [8086:2937] (rev 03)
    00:1a.1 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #5 [8086:2938] (rev 03)
    00:1a.2 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #6 [8086:2939] (rev 03)
    00:1a.7 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #2 [8086:293c] (rev 03)
    00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03)
    00:1c.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) PCI Express Port 1 [8086:2940] (rev 03)
    00:1c.1 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) PCI Express Port 2 [8086:2942] (rev 03)
    00:1c.3 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) PCI Express Port 4 [8086:2946] (rev 03)
    00:1c.4 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) PCI Express Port 5 [8086:2948] (rev 03)
    00:1d.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #1 [8086:2934] (rev 03)
    00:1d.1 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #2 [8086:2935] (rev 03)
    00:1d.2 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #3 [8086:2936] (rev 03)
    00:1d.7 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #1 [8086:293a] (rev 03)
    00:1e.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge [8086:2448] (rev 93)
    00:1f.0 ISA bridge [0601]: Intel Corporation ICH9M-E LPC Interface Controller [8086:2917] (rev 03)
    00:1f.2 SATA controller [0106]: Intel Corporation ICH9M/M-E SATA AHCI Controller [8086:2929] (rev 03)
    00:1f.3 SMBus [0c05]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) SMBus Controller [8086:2930] (rev 03)
    03:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Unknown device [8086:4237]
    15:00.0 CardBus bridge [0607]: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II [1180:0476] (rev ba)

  202. razor says:

    cd /Volumes/123/files
    no such file or directory or
    not a directory

    diskutil list:
    0: fdisk_partition scheme *1.9 Gi disk2
    1: dos_fat_32 123 1.9 Gi disk2s1

  203. razor says:

    sorry…my bad…solve it

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  207. Ryan says:

    I’m stuck where all the words are going down the list and it stops of NFTS Volume name OS verizon 3.1 and it’s acting like i have to put something after that? help? using kalyway

  208. sujithgopi says:

    i am trying trying trying and not able to install this Mac OSx

    please tell me how to install this and what all things must i check and uncheck in the customize menu:
    my machine:
    intel core 2 quad Q6600 @ 2.4 ghz
    mmx sse (1,2,3, 3s) EM64T, VT-x (board name: DG35EC)
    chipset: G-35
    RAM:ZION 800-2GB x 2
    Graphics: ATI RADEON HD 3870 512mb
    CAn Install both in SaTA and IDE hard disk according to your suggestoin

  209. sujithgopi says:

    please please please i am begging the “admin” to help me on this as i have installed about 50times and restarted around 150 times and every time the installation is a success and when the system boots up there is one new problem either it will be a Kernal panic or a message appears that you need to restart your system and some times blur screen and sometimes waiting on and the stop icon shoots up in the screen and i have tried -x -v -f -s quiet boot defined graphics thinking that it is my graphics and refered you tube and still no chance ……can you please help me on this as this is my last try… ill provide you whatever information that you need about my system for this

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