Software Update: Sysinternals Utilities

swiss_army_knife The Admin’s Swiss Army Knife, utilities from Sysinternals, get some update today, which includes the popular ProcessMonitor and TcpView.

Process Monitor v1.22: This update adds the ability to specify the level of information saved when you export to XML.

Tcpview v2.51: This fixes a bug in the endpoint status bar statistics when you toggle between showing unconnected and connected ednpoints.

DebugView v4.7: This update allows you to enable or disable verbose kernel debug output.

Autoruns 8.72: Version 8.72 fixes a couple of minor bugs.

Source: Sysinternals

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4 Responses to “Software Update: Sysinternals Utilities”

  1. matthew says:

    The Search Online for entry function in Autoruns hasn’t worked since version 8.6.

  2. webmaster says:

    The online searching in autoruns is customizable. Run Regedit, navigate to
    There is a REG_SZ named onlinesearchcommand with default value:{searchTerms}&{language}&ie={inputEncoding}&oe={outputEncoding}&startIndex={startIndex?}&startPage={startPage}

    Try to change it and try again(the default works fine here anyway).

  3. matthew says:

    Well thanks for the reply but I have tried many strings in that reg location and nothing works in versions after 8.6. All values I’ve tried generate the browser URL:

    The registry location currently contains the value:
    which works fine in the older Autoruns.

    (I am running W2K SP4+.)

  4. matthew says:

    Don’t know if my earlier msg posted. Thanks for the comment. I know about the onlinesearchcommand setting. The one I have set, very similar to your example, works fine in v8.6 but with all subsequents it generates the URL which errors in the browser.(Running win2k sp4+)

    If it’s working for you then I don’t get it.

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